Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Punch Art

These are pages from my art journal- my experimenting!
This is part of my punch collection!

Besides having collected rubber stamps for over 20 years, I have also collected paper punches. I have used them so much for scrapbooks, cards, and all kinds of other projects. It's amazing how many different shapes and kinds of punches there are out there! I have had lots of fun with them and I love to lend them out to friends!

I made this card and 11 others like it for Stamp Club this week. The theme for the month is using machine embossing and die cuts. The background and house are embossed with Cutttlebug embossing folders, the trim on the roof and corners are die cuts, and the rest were made with paper punches.


Clark Mills Family said...

Fun Punch Collection. I bet everyone there is enjoying your talen. Wish it came more naturally to me. I'm sure the Young Woman are loving your talent too!
I love the Thomas Kinkade sight thanks for sharing!

Julia Callahan said...

Those are so cute. You are so good and creative with paper and ink!! You must have been the artist in heaven before we came here.

Christine said...

You should really try to get down to the Archivers. It's a really fun store. After you get on their mailing list, every month they send a coupon for free paper and other discounts and freebies.

They have 4 or 5 free classes so you could sign up for one of them and make it worth your while. I really learned a lot at the rubber stamping one.

Check their website out too. It's http://www.archiversonline.com/.

Christine said...

I just got an Archivers ad in my email and it says I can forward it to a friend. The coupons are good through March. If you would like a copy of it, email me at cnanabele at cableone dot net.

Maybe that would give you the excuse to go.

Christine said...

Hi Marianne!

I received my first award today and I'm passing it on to you because the things you put on your blog give me so much inspiration and also bring back memories of Utah and all things growing up. We are about the same age.

Go over to my blog and check it out.