Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Believe I Can Fly!

Last night I went flying! No, not in my dreams, which I have done many times. But I went flying at the I Fly wind tunnel in Ogden. My son Jacob and his wife Mary took Robert and me- it was their Christmas gift to us along with dinner before. At first, just the thought of doing it was very scary! But I saw the video from when they went before, saw the video and read about it on the I Fly website, and then it didn't seem TOO scary anymore- it actually looked like fun. So we went with them last night and it was REALLY fun! All night I had the song in my head:

"I believe I can fly,

I believe I can touch the sky.

I think about it every night and day,

Spread my wings and fly away..."

What a fun experience. I think that's about the bravest physical thing I have ever done- I'm not much of a daredevil to say the least. I think I would actually go again sometime!


Clark Mills Family said...

WOW THAT IS INCREDIBLY BRAVE! Sounds so FUN! LOL I love your song. As long as it is not on your bucket list!j/k

Julie And Adam said...

I knew you'd like it!

Anonymous said...

I want to do that!!!! The picture of Robert is......there are no words ;)