Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Dad and Me, Part 2

I feel very lucky that I was the firstborn of my family. I got to have my mom and dad all to myself for the first 17 months of my life! Then sisters kept coming every 17 months for several years. These are all the photos that I have of my Dad and me when I was young.
These photos were all printed from slides which my sister Becky was so nice to have made onto discs for us.
Don't I have a good-looking Dad?!
What a nice Dad to play with me in my crib!
This was at the Great Salt Lake.
I know I look like a little ghost! And this is my sister Laurie, who was lucky enough to be born with some color in her skin!
"Helping" my Dad shine his shoes. That kitchen table, which we had for many years, brings back lots of memories.
I sure love my Dad. He was just the greatest!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Dad and Me

I am so glad that I had this picture taken last year of my dad and me. It is a real treasure now. I miss him so much and still have a hard time believing that he is gone. The only other pictures I have of just Dad and me are when I was about two years old and younger. Why I didn't think to have more pictures taken of us together in all those years in between, I don't know. I just always thought that he would be here for a very long time like his long-lived ancestors before him. His grandmother, Elizabeth Jane Russell Day, lived to be 103 years old. I thought that my dad would live a very long time like her because he had always been in such good health. This is obviously a lesson that we need to more fully appreciate all the special people in our lives now, because we never know when they will be taken away from us.
My dad graduated with honors from this school of life on earth. He lived a wonderful life of service and was such a great husband and father to us 6 girls. After he passed away my mom was asked if Dad had ever expressed any words of regret that he never had a son. She said that he NEVER said a single word about that. He was happy with his 6 little girls. We are all very happy to know that.
In my prayers every day, I ask Heavenly Father to please tell Dad how much I love him and miss him.