Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Journal

I have finally gotten around to putting pictures of my art journal pages on my blog! These first two pages I actually drew and then colored in with Copic markers and Pan Pastels. The basic ideas for the pictures came from the very talented Joanne Sharpe. I absolutely love her work! She has been a real inspiration to us! The rest are different collages. This next picture of my "little stars" are six of my eight grandchildren. We had two babies added to our family a couple of months ago.

My mom, sister Carolyn and I have still been getting together every first Saturday of the month to make art together which I have thoroughly enjoyed. This is such a fun hobby for us!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Babies!

We are so excited to have two cute new grandsons in our family! Julie and Adams's little Evan was born on September 1st. (He is on the right in the picture.) Adam was in Army basic training so Amy and I got to be there with Julie for the birth. Amy got to cut the cord and I got to help give Evan his first bath. It was such a neat experience! He is such a little cutie!
Ten days later on September 11th, Jacob and Mary's little Scott was born. The doctor couldn't get him to turn around correctly so they had to take him C-section, but Mary is recovering very quickly. These two are so cute and we just love them!
We also found out this week that Danny and Courtney's baby who is due March 5th is a GIRL! That will be 2 granddaughters and 7 grandsons! We are so excited to get another girl!
Having grandchildren is just the greatest! Robert and I love children so much and it's amazing how much love we have for each of our grandchildren. Sometimes I really miss my children when they were little and could hold them and take care of them and know where they were all the time! But it is wonderful to know and love them now as adults too. It's just a good thing that we still get to have little children in our lives with our grandchildren!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kitchen Table Memories

It's amazing the memories that can come from seeing an old kitchen table!
Several years ago I was called to be a visiting teacher/home teacher with Robert. This is when I met a very dear lady named Lila "Jo" Wade and her family. Robert had been visiting her for probably about 15 years before that and had become very good friends with her. When I first walked into her living room I saw a table set up with a puzzle-in-progress on it. I kept looking at that table and realized it was the exact style of table that I had grown up with most of my childhood. What a lot of memories came pouring back! I remembered my family all sitting around it every night for dinner, eating my after-school snack of graham crackers and milk while doing my homework, seeing Dad sitting there paying bills every month, seeing mom working on her Relief Society lessons, etc. My sisters and I always hoped to be able to sit in the middle of the table on either of the sides so that we could put our feet on the bar underneath!
Last year I had the idea of asking if I could borrow the table for a night so that my mom, sisters, daughters, and I could have our Book Club sitting around it. Lila Wade said yes and it was very fun to have that night of memories with my family.
Well, dear Lila passed away last month after having been in poor health for many years. Robert and I will really miss seeing her every month. It is very sad to lose her, but we know that she is now able to walk around and do so many things that she couldn't do here anymore. We know that she is back with her husband who she lost many years ago, and with other family members. And that sweet family of hers said that they wanted me to have that kitchen table, which is so very generous of them. I keep worrying that other family members will want it, but they said no one did. What a kind gift for me to treasure!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Altered Book Pages

Thanks to Pam Carriker and her new book Art at the Speed of Life, I have been having so much fun working on pages in my altered book. Pam has the greatest ideas and I love her style and colors.

I've been using liquid acrylics as well as Pan Pastels to do these pages.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

James C. Christensen

One of my very favorite artists for many years has been James C. Christensen. I absolutely love his magical fantasy paintings. He does such wonderful detail work with much symbolism which I love. What a great artist! These are two of my favorites: College of Magical Knowledge and Rhymes and Reasons. The words over the door of the College mean "knowledge is power". And how fun it is to pick out the different nursery rhymes in the second painting!

I don't have any Christensen prints other than glued together puzzles which are fading, but I have several of his books that are so fun to look through. What a great talent he is!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hand Zentangle

This is a new Zentangle design I made to add to my altered book. I traced my hand, wrote in the words, and then drew in the rest of the hand. Can you say "serious Zentangle addiction"?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, I have really gotten into this Zentangle that I didn't even know existed until a few weeks ago! It is so fun! I love the look of it on colored paper shaded in with white. I've gotten some great books on the subject and I'm having a great time trying out all these new patterns. There are many videos on that have been really helpful too.