Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Babies!

We are so excited to have two cute new grandsons in our family! Julie and Adams's little Evan was born on September 1st. (He is on the right in the picture.) Adam was in Army basic training so Amy and I got to be there with Julie for the birth. Amy got to cut the cord and I got to help give Evan his first bath. It was such a neat experience! He is such a little cutie!
Ten days later on September 11th, Jacob and Mary's little Scott was born. The doctor couldn't get him to turn around correctly so they had to take him C-section, but Mary is recovering very quickly. These two are so cute and we just love them!
We also found out this week that Danny and Courtney's baby who is due March 5th is a GIRL! That will be 2 granddaughters and 7 grandsons! We are so excited to get another girl!
Having grandchildren is just the greatest! Robert and I love children so much and it's amazing how much love we have for each of our grandchildren. Sometimes I really miss my children when they were little and could hold them and take care of them and know where they were all the time! But it is wonderful to know and love them now as adults too. It's just a good thing that we still get to have little children in our lives with our grandchildren!

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