Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stampscapes Inchie ATC

Well, since I had my mind on inchies, I decided to see if I could get some good little scenes out of my Stampscapes stamps and put them on an artist trading card. It's amazing that you can find a nice little 1" scene in these big stamps. The background is a glossy black cardstock. So fun!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inchie ATC's

I decided to participate in an ATC challenge with the Inchie by Inch blog for the first time. The challenge this week is "bling". Inchies are 1" squares decorated in any way you want. I have put 6 inchies on each of these two artist trading cards. You wouldn't think you could get much on a 1" square, but you really can! These are very fun to make!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interactive Artist Trading Cards

These are the Artist Trading Cards that we will be making in my class in a couple of weeks.
The first two are interactive. One has a wheel to be able to change the dress colors, and the other has a pull tab to see the owl peek out from the tree stump. These are so fun to make! The third card has an embossed velum overlay. The fourth card is double embossed and colored direct to paper. The last card is made with the Spellbinders die cuts. These dies are absolutely beautiful and I'm having so much fun using them. I wish I had discovered them sooner!
So many fun things to make and so little time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nancy Drew

When I was in Jr. High School my friend Susan and I read lots and lots of Nancy Drew books. We loved them and traded them back and forth. I loved mystery stories and still do. I loved trying to figure out "who done it" and how the story would end. I enjoyed reading about the small town that Nancy and her friends, George and Bess, lived in. I could be sure that nothing TOO drastic or gory or scary would happen. And everyone always lived "happily ever after". I still have a few of my old books, but wish I had saved them all. Every once in a while I look in thrift stores to see if I can find any more old ones, but they are hard to find.

My two daughters love Nancy Drew, too. But they like to play the computer games, which are pretty amazing. You can travel from room to room and building to building, clicking on things to open to try to find all the clues to the newest mystery. They are both very hooked on the games and are always excited when a new one comes out. They trade them back and forth, too!

Nancy Drew has been around for a very long time and she never even ages! She always gets updated to the present and still always solves the mysteries!